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Amazing sofas from Artwood and Chic Antique and more.

Here you will find real splendid furniture from brands like Artwood, Chic Antique and Jeanne d'Arc Living, Welcome!


In our wide assortment of sofas you will find different brands, models, colors, styles and materials.

A sofa is often a central part of your interior design and the comfort in this can often be crucial to how much time you spend just in this room.

A classic model is a leather sofa that has a very long lifetime with normal use and good maintenance. The leather sofa from, for example, Artwood, has the ability to be finer after some time, and you need to use it for a while to get that really nice look in the leather.

A good way to get variety in the interior with the help from your sofa is that you change pillows partly so that you can match other decor, but also allow you to change expressions by seasons.

Leather sofa, we recommend that it be treated directly with leather protection from Leathermaster to ensure longevity and durability, then repeat the treatment according to recommendations at the package, a cheap investment that will keep your leather sofa fine and fresh for generations.

Artwoods sofas

Artwood has a wide program of sofas that we can show you in our shop at My White Countryhouse. There are both leather sofas and stuffed sofas and sofas in rattan for outdoor and indoor use.

The stuffed sofas are available in a variety of different materials, but are consistently of a very good quality, you're always comfortable in an Artwood sofa.

On some models you can remove the cushioncovers for laundry and also has the opportunity to replace them with new ones.

We recommend that you use textile protection and impregnation especially on all the cushions to the rattan furniture to protect them and make them easier to wipe and clean, the sofas used in the patios are exposed and the outdoors are more exposed to get dirty than indoor sofas. Of course, you can also protect the indoor sofa, read the instructions first so you know what's right just for your sofa.

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