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Signs & Magnets

Here you will find signs and tags of different kinds with messages or information about something else.

Signs and magnets

In our assortment of signs and magnets you will find iron signs and magnetic signs with funny and even wise messages, messages that make you think about life and what it is about.

We also have signs that can show what's in a jar or behind a door or just a message about something to someone.


One of our most popular sign- variants which you can use any metalsurface you can put it on, many think of the fridge door, but we encourage you to use the imagination and spread these fine magnets even to other places in the home.

Wall Signs

Affordable simple interior detail that complement our other interior in a good way, a wall of selected signs is very nice and gives the impression that the person who lives here has really made an effort when he or she decorated the the room.


We have signs for pantry, guests and some other purposes that has a nice touch that creates a sense of order.

Signs for decoration

In our range you will also find signs and tags that are more of a clean interior item that has no function, there may be small enamel signs in French style that you decorate with in, for example, your greenhouse.


Tags are often used to decorate gifts such as Mother's Day, Father's Day, and giftd for teachers.

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