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Welcome to the department to decorate the home's largest room. the garden!

Interior in the garden

This department in our range is something we really like, decorating the garden.

We have put in pots, decorations, amples and a lot of other things in our assortment.

Decorating your garden requires reflection and planning, and of course you have to consider effects of the weather and wind and, not least, if it is winter, spring, fall or summer.

Frost-proof pots

There are a large number of "Frost-proof" pots on the market, and you can say that they are for sure full of frost, thats all you can take for granted.

Truly, there are pots or similar products that are safe from frost, as we know, water can blow mountains and no pot will be safe either from the expanding water. However, they may be more or less adapted to withstand as much as possible but safe is no one.

Hanging pots

We have a rich assortment of hanging pots which is a very nice and stylish interior detail in the garden, you can hang them really anywhere, taking into account wind conditions of course.

Outdoor lighting

An incredibly charming part of the interior of a garden is that you invest heavily in outdoor lighting. With that I do not mean solid lights which just help you  to see where you go, but more decorative pendants in treated textiles and of course light loops, bigger and smaller.

We have a special department in our webbshop for outdoor lightning.

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