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Top class chairs from Artwood and Martinsen!

In this part of our assortment you will find different types of high quality chairs primarily from Artwood.


The chair has been around for thousands of years and is perhaps the most obvious furniture in everyone's homes. This does not prevent the chair from becoming a nice decorative part of your home decor and also a comfortable piece of furniture that you probably spend a lot of time in.


Armchairs are a name for chairs without back and armrests, they are available in many different models, brands and styles in our store. There are armchairs that are a little simplier and easier in their construction, but also armchairs that are closer to function and look like an upholstered armchair.

We also have the nice armchairs for outdoor use and for use in, for example, the patio, these armchairs are very comfortable and are clearly reminds of an upholstered armchair both in appearance and comfort.


We also have regular chairs , really nice chairs from brands like Artwood and Martinsen, which are really well-worked and well-built. These are also made in a nice design, please look at our environmental images on these dining chairs, so you can see good examples of how to combine chairs with the right dining tables.

Artwoods chairs

We have a rich assortment of Artwood chairs that we are very proud of. Chairs in varying price ranges, materials, color, shape and style. However, everyone has one thing in common, the fine quality.

Artwood's chairs and armchairs for outdoor use are incredibly nice furniture. The outdoor chairs in its fine artwork with aluminum frames are a real quality furniture. The rattan chairs that you use on the patio or in the living room are made in Artwood's well-known rattan, which means that it is not split and flat as it can often be on other rattan furniture from other brands.

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