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Cozy Autumn

Autumn cozy interior

Autumn is a very beautiful season with lots of interior inspiration, here you will find decor that suits this season!

Autumns cozy interior.

All the beautiful colors of the autumn in our nature are among the most beautiful things, we love this season and we have the interior that suits most homes inpired by this time of the year.

Pumpkins as decoration

Decorating with pumpkins is originated in the United States a long time ago when they used to celebrate Halloween, why it became just pumpkins is the simple reason that there was a great deal of access to pumpkins at that time of the year. We have taken this tradition in Sweden, but nowadays, it is decorated with pumpkins throughout the fall, especially the finer pump decorations you can find in our range.

Autumn colors

Autumn colors are made up of many colors, but you may first think of red, brown and yellow, the same color as the leaves get before they fall off the trees. The reason they are yellowing and falling off is not really known, one theory is that the trees recycle nutrients and that it will give such an effect on the leaves.

Decorating in autumn colors is filled with joy as all these colors light up your home and it will be so beautiful, it can never be as beautiful as out in nature a crispy autumn day in the sun, but not so far from there!

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