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Hand Sanitizer alcohol 64% alcohol, Fresh & Herbal, 250 ml - Panier des sens

Hand alcohol with scent and pump, a scent that is fresh and herbal, perfect to take with you when you know that there is no access to soap and water.

Hand alcohol from Panier des sens has an alcohol content of 64%, which cleans your hands without soap and water. Perfect to use when you do not have access to wash your hands.

How to use it:

Apply a dose of alcohol to the palm of your hand and rub in your entire hands until it evaporates.

What is required for hand alcohol to be effective against viruses?

"Virus has a shell that is actually relatively easy to break. Its sticky membrane makes it susceptible to alcohol (alcohol) and a high alcohol content is not necessary for the alcohol to be effective. For ethanol / alcohol, the recommendation is at least 60% and for isopropanol alcohol it is 70%. These recommendations have been issued by the official US authorities CDC (Centers for Disease Control). Usually ethanol is used in ordinary hand alcohol. Therefore check that the ethanol content is at least 60%. "

Made in France.

Contains: 250 ml

From Panier des sens / Saponi

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