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Christmas scent

Scent of Christmas

Welcome to our department where you can find the scent of Christmas.!

Scent of Christmas

In our range of scents for chritmas you will find scented candles in different sizes, colors and designs.

The scented candle is a nice and suitable go-away gift for the Christmas dinners.

The scented candles spreads scents that makes us think about Christmas and all that is positive with this feast and that by adding smells of some spices that we associate to Christmas.

Here is a presentation of some of the spices that adds the smell to our scented candles.


A classic Christmas scent that everyone recognizes. The ginger is a spice that was the first oriental spice that reached Europe, it is used today in baking (gingerbread) and cooking (ribs and pies).


Cinnamon we in Sweden have probably taken the name from Italy where it is called Canella (Kanel in swedish), the cinnamon comes from the bark of the cinnamon tree's small and thin branch. In the past, the cinnamon was in Sweden called sinamomum which is close to the English word cinnamon.


The spice clove is named after the German "Nägelein" which means "little nail". A suitable name for the crisp spice that it will hurt when it is squeezed into the orange to decorate and to smell good. The first clove spice arrived at our country Sweden as early as the 13th century

Saffron - the red gold

An incredibly expensive spice that is used primarily in baking, to produce a kilo of saffron, you need 100,000 to 150,000 crocuses. The Saffron is made of the Saffroncrocuses pistil.


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