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Christmas pixies


Here you will find all sorts of gnomes that you create the true Christmas atmosphere with!


With us at My White Countryhouse you will find lots of gnomes that you have probably never seen before. There is an incredible variety of these little mood-creating figures and we have chosen those that fit into the interior that harmonizes with our other assortment.

Gnomes is a clear seasonal product and it's hard to imagine a Christmas without having a gnome somewhere in his home as a cozy and nice decor.

We have chosen gnomes in cozy and clean colors that are very easy to like.

Background and history

The Swedish Santa Claus is amix of the American Santa Claus and the Swedish hpuse-gnome that came to Sweden in the 18th century.

The Santa Claus in Sweden is doing some routines on Christmas Eve as acting a masked man knocking on the door asking "Is there any friendly children here?"

From the beginning, it was not Santa who knocked on the door, but it was the Christmas goat that stood and stamped outside the door and gave the door a real bang, that bang laid the foundation for what we in Sweden calls  roughly translated "Christmas bangs"

The term "Ho Ho Ho" as the Santa Claus usually says comes from England and originally from a Shakespeare play "A Midsummer Night's Dream" where the character Puck pronounces this phrase.

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