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Christmas lights

Christmas lighting to this year's biggest feast that illuminates our homes during the darkest time of the year.

Christmas lights

We at My White Countryhouse have understood that the darkest time of the year in our country needs to be lit up and we have taken that into consideration and offer you many different varieties of Christmas lighting.

We have lighting that creates the Christmas atmosphere but at the same time it can appear both before and after the rest of the Christmas decorations i taken away, it will fit even when the Christmas tree is thrown and before Christmas decorations come up.

We have an assortment that captures the nostalgic and classic Christmas feeling, but at the same time you will feel that what you buy with us is not visible in all neighbors' houses too, you will not find our Christmas lights at the big department stores.

For Christmas lighting we have a wide range of light sources that fit just the lamps we have chosen to take in to our assortment. It is the combination of our unique Christmas lights and that you use the right light source to make the wholeness.

Keep in mind that when you buy a led lamp, which lasts for 10 years if you use it normally, for Christmas and use it during the Christmas season plus a little more. It may be that the light source can last half a lifetime. All of our electrical products are purchased by suppliers we work closely with and are approved in accordance with all possible regulations and laws in Sweden and the EU. There are also many variations of connections to a lot of our lighting, considering how your walloutlets are located. We also have accessories in nice designs such as textile extensions, plug-in dimmers and double-outlets of different colors.

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